Summer Team Day 8

Today the team were moved and challenged as they visited the International Detention Centre here in Bangkok, which houses many asylum seekers and refugee applicants who have been arrested whilst waiting for papers to be processed.

The team were very thankful that all the bibles, books, letters of encouragement and food was successfully passed through to the people we were visiting.

The team then heard from Chris Woodruff who heads up Liferaft, a Christian organization seeking to support and care for the thousands of refugees who live in Bangkok.

At the end of the day a few of the team then visited Samaritans Creations, a local coffee shop and home to a small group of women seeking to leave the sex trade

Remember to pray for the team members – it was a very challenging experience.

Summer Team Day 3

On Thursday the team spent time visiting church members in their places of work as they visited a local massage shop and Napada Crafts.

They then spent a few grueling hours helping to clean and paint the church building before teaching English in the evening.

We were encouraged to see student numbers double in the evening classes today!

Please continue to pray for energy and strength for the team, who are learning to cope with high temperatures and high humidity.

Pray too for good conversations with people and opportunities to
gossip the Good News of Jesus as they go about their daily lives here.

Summer Team Day 2

Today the team have enjoyed a (quieter!) team bible study where we started our series of studies in Ephesians. They then spent most of the day preparing activities for their English classes.

This evening they have met their first students. Although the class sizes are smaller than we had hoped, there has been a lovely atmosphere and the team have coped really well in learning to expect the unexpected!

Please pray for them to be able to sleep well tonight. They are still feeling the effects of jeglag.

Pray for our relationships with the students studying English. Pray that the Lord will give us genuine love for these people and a willingness to lovingly and sensitively share the Gospel hope we have.